Configuration File

The Highlighter configuration file is named application.conf and is by default loaded from the <highlighter>/conf/ directory. This config file does not exist by default, but the directory contains the file application.conf.sample that contains the most commonly used options.

  1. Copy the provided application.conf.sample to application.conf, and open it using any text editor.
  2. Set dataDir property which defines home folder for Highlighter data files.
  3. If PDF documents are accessible via server's file system, you may want to use the documentDirs option to specify path to documentation root folder(s); this allows Highlighter to handle large PDF documents much faster as documents can be periodically analyzed by a background process. Configure uriMappings section to map document URL to local file path.

For all available config options and their defaults, see file defaults.conf. This file is not loaded by the application—use it only as a reference. If you want to change an option, add it to the application.conf.

If you want to learn more about the config file format or options to pass settings, see Typesafe Config documentation.