dtSearch Web

Step 1: Setup reverse proxy to PDF Highlighter#

First, setup reverse proxy to PDF Highlighter.

We recommend installing our .NET proxy application for IIS. Download zip file from the release page and follow instructions on the project's home page. The proxy application requires .NET 4 or higher. If you don't have .NET installed on your IIS, you'll need to do so.

In the next step we assume you setup .NET proxy at path /highlighter

Step 2: Update deployed dtSearch form#

You need to update options file created by dtSearch Web. For example, if you deployed search form as dtSearch.html, in the same folder there should be file dtSearch_options.html.

Open YOUR_FORM_NAME_options.html and add the following to the end of the ResultsScript block:

<script src="/highlighter/js/pdf-highlighter.min.js"></script>
if (pdfHighlighter.isPdfViewerCompatible()) {
highlighterUrl: '/highlighter/',
viewer: {
url: '/highlighter/viewer/index.html',
// including script for integration with dtSearch Web navigation buttons
script: '/highlighter/js/viewer-dtweb-glue.js'
navigation: 'hit-to-hit', // dtSearch navigates between hits so using the same
updateHref: true

That's it! There's no need to restart IIS. Open/reload the search form in web browser and test.