Email Settings

The Highlighting PDF Viewer has an option to send PDF documents via email directly from the viewer.

Email option in the viewer is disabled by default. It will be enabled automatically when the emailing feature is setup and enabled in PDF Highlighter. The email is sent by the Highlighter Server in accordance with user selected options.

Enabling Email Feature#

To enable the email feature, update application.conf by adding the mail block and providing SMTP settings:

highlighter {
# Configuration for document emailing feature in PDF viewer
mail {
enabled = true
smtp {
port = 587
host = ""
starttls.enable = true
auth = true
user = "..."
password = "..."
# for enforced fields input boxes will be hidden in viewer
enforced {
from = ""
successMessage = "Email sent successfully"
# other settings...

You may need to delete options that you don't need for your SMTP server. When enforced from property is provided, the user will not be allowed/required to enter sender email and all emails will be sent using the email address from the config file.

Note that the emailing of documents is asynchronous. When the user in viewer gets a message that email was sent successfully, it only means the highlighting server accepted the request.

If emails are not arriving, check Highlighter log file for any error messages and review SMTP options in the config file.