Server Installation


  • A modern OS — both Linux and Windows 64-bit are supported.
  • Minimum 4 GB system RAM recommended; by default, Highlighter is setup to use up to 3 GB.
  • Java 8 Runtime Environment — if not available on the system, Highlighter installer will download a private copy.

Step 1: Install Highlighter

Installation using Windows executable file

Run downloaded setup executable and follow instructions. The installer will install Highlighter Service to start automatically. Use the Windows Services tool to stop/start Highlighter.

Installation using installation script (Linux)

Make the downloaded script executable and run with:

chmod +x

Follow instructions. If you are installing as su, the installer will install system service to start automatically.

Installation using TAR-Archives (Unix)

All files are contained in an enclosing folder named highlighter. Unpack the distribution file with:

gunzip highlighter_unix_X_Y_Z.tar.gz
tar xf highlighter_unix_X_Y_Z.tar

Start highlighter by executing the shell script:

highlighter/bin/highlighter-service start

Installation using DEB-Archives (Linux)

Install the DEB archive with:

sudo dpkg -i highlighter_linux_X_Y_Z.deb

or your favorite Debian package manager tool.

Step 2: Verify that it's running

Using your web browser, open http://localhost:8998/status. If everything is correct, you should see something like:

status: "OK",
success: true

If you get something like:

error: "License not installed for highlighter",
status: "ERROR",
errorCode: "CONFIG_ERROR",
success: false

you need to install Highlighter license key.

In case of any other error, make sure your access URL is valid and check Highlighter's log files.

Step 3: Modifying port or memory settings (optional)

Service settings are stored in text file bin/highlighter-service.vmoptions and allows you to change the following options:

  • Xmx - Maximum memory usage (3GB default)
  • highlighter.jetty.port property - Web service port

Restart the Highlighter Service after changing any settings.