Upgrading Highlighter

Upgrading Highlighter 2.3 and newer#

Highlighter comes with an auto updater tool that can check if there is an update available, download it, install, and restart the Highlighter Service. Your configuration will not be lost.

To check for an update, run:

On Windows: Run "Check for update" in Highlighter programs group. On Linux/Unix: run sudo /opt/highlighter/bin/check-for-update

Upgrading Highlighter 2.2 and older#

Before upgrading Highlighter server, make sure you backup the following files:

  • highlighter.lic - your license key
  • application.conf - your custom configuration file

Default location for both files is Highlighter's WEB-INF/classes folder but can be changed using environment variables.

To upgrade Highlighter:

  1. Make sure you backup up data files listed above.
  2. Stop Tomcat.
  3. Delete Highlighter's application directory: <tomcat>/webapps/highlighter
  4. Extract new highlighter.war (which is a plain zip file) file to previous version's location (<tomcat>/webapps/highlighter).
  5. If you are keeping the license key and application config files within the application, copy them back to WEB-INF/classes.
  6. Start Tomcat
  7. Verify Highlighter installation by opening http://localhost:8080/highlighter/status in your web browser.