Improve your user's PDF search experience.
Highlight multiple search terms and phrases with ease.

JObjects Highlighter outputs PDF files compatible with different devices and PDF readers

JObjects PDF Highlighter is compatible with the most popular browsers and PDF viewers.

JObjects PDF Highlighter simplifies the PDF viewing process by highlighting keywords within a text. Unlike the standard “search” function found in PDF viewer, Highlighter’s unique features streamline the process by highlighting multiple search terms and phrases simultaneously. The document is opened on the first keyword occurrence, and users can seamlessly navigate between matching terms faster than ever before.

Server-side solution

JObjects Highlighter is a server application that updates PDF documents “on the fly”, highlighting search terms. No installation for end-users.

High compatibility

Highlighter chooses the best PDF delivery method based on user's preferred browser (highlighting viewer vs burning PDF).


JObjects Highlighter can mark terms using a search quary, regular expression or Adobe highlight file as an input.

Hits navigation

Navigation controls allow end-user to navigate next/previous found terms in a document.

Easy to integrate

JObjects Highlighter can be linked directly or consumed as a web service. Provided JavaScript library allows straightforward integration.

Support and development

Beside the standard product support, we offer consultancy, integration and development services.