Highlight4me - JObjects Highlighter Cloud Service

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per month
per month
per month
File Size LimitUp to 10 MBUp to 20 MBUp to 25 MBUp to 30 MB
Credits Per Month (*)30050010002000
Highlight For Search Query
Highlight For Regular Expression
Highlight For Highlight File
Show Highlights in Web-Based PDF Viewer
Create New PDF By Burning Highlights

(*) Credits represent the number of MBs processed - 1 credit equals 1 MB (1024 bytes). Credits are spent whenever Highlight4me Service has to read or write a PDF document. Processed PDF data is cached for 30 days and for subsequent highlighting requests hitting the cache during this period, no additional credit costs apply. For example:

  • If you integrate a website that shows highlights using our web-based Highlighting PDF Viewer, credits are spent only if the PDF is either new or updated or if the 30-day cahing period has expired.
  • If, instead of using the Highlighting PDF Viewer, you generate PDF documents with included highlights, credits are spent with every highlighting request as a new PDF is generated.
Credits are rounded up. By highlighting a PDF of 2.1 MB, you spend 3 credits.

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