Download JObjects PDF Highlighter

Host on your server for customization and control.

Latest Stable

Release: 4.4.3

64-bit WindowsHighlighter Setup Executable (27 MB)
Supported architectures: x64/AMD64
Supported versions: 7 - 10, Server 2008 - 2019
Linux/UnixHighlighter Setup Executable (26 MB)
TAR.GZ Archive (59 MB)
Supported platforms: All POSIX compatible systems
Linux packagesDEB package (59 MB)
Supported platforms: Linux
Docker image

For the list of recent changes, see release notes.

Installation Notes
Highlighter requires Java Runtime Environment 1.8 JRE to run. The installers for Windows and Linux will automatically download JRE if not available.

To install Highlighter as system service, run setup with admin privileges.

See server installation instructions for more details.

Installation Notes for TAR-Archives (Unix)
All files are contained in an enclosing folder named highlighter. Unpack the distribution file with

gunzip filename tar xf filename
Start highlighter by executing the shell script
highlighter/bin/highlighter-service start

Installation Notes for DEB-Archives (Linux)
Install the DEB archive with sudo dpkg -i <package.deb> or your favorite Debian package manager tool.

Terms & conditions
By downloading the software, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the PDF Highlighter License Agreement.

How to Upgrade
You may install a new version of JObjects PDF Highlighter on top of an older version. Your configuration will not be lost.

JObjects PDF Highlighter installers are created using multi-platform installer builder install4j.

Get a Trial License Key

JObjects Highligher server requires a valid license key installed. Use the form bellow to get a 30-day evaluation key sent to your email address.