JObjects PDF Highlighter Features

Fast and powerful hit highlighting for PDF

JObjects PDF Highlighter can mark terms in a document for either a query or highlight file. The query is automatically taken from the search results—no additional steps required by user for startup. The process is simple and ensures that users can find their keywords in the PDF with minimal effort and time investment.

Highlighter supports advanced search options including:

  • Phrases and proximity search
  • Wildcards
  • Fuzzy search
  • Synonyms
  • Language specific text analysis (e.g. stemming) for 30 languages
  • Regular expressions

Alternatively, instead of feeding Highlighter with search terms, the highlight file can be used to specify locations of text that should be marked in the document.

Multicolor hit highlighting

JObjects PDF Highlighter ensures that same terms are assigned the same color. The highlighter automatically assigns colors to different terms, making the document review process more user-friendly and efficient. The color coding feature makes PDF Highlighter ideal for document forensics and natural language processing (NLP) tools as well—where the number of marked terms is much higher than for simple user queries.

Batch PDF processing

Batch highlighter can automatically annotate all your PDF documents using a file containing predefined keywords and phrases. You can assign a color to each individual phrase and optionally a category tag. PDF file created by the tool will open on the first keyword occurrence. For quick reference and navigation, all matches will be added ass document bookmarks, organized into sections for provided category tags.

Generated PDF can be opened in any PDF viewer.

Hits navigation

In the web based PDF viewer, users can swiftly navigate between found keywords or, optionally, pages containing keywords. With the hit navigation feature, users save precious time that would otherwise be wasted sifting through unnecessary pages to find keywords and phrases.

Email document directly from the PDF viewer

The user can email the highlighted document directly from the viewer. Additionally, documents emailed can be sent in three formats based on the user’s preferences. Being able to send emails with the use of PDF Highlighter allows for fewer interruptions. This function provides users the ability to quickly and effortlessly send documents in the following options:

  • The original PDF
  • Document with included highlights
  • Document with removed pages without matches

High compatibility

JObjects PDF Highlighter chooses the best PDF delivery method based on the user’s preferred browser. Modern browsers, including mobiles, will open the PDF in web standards based viewer. However, incompatible browsers will fall back to PDF to where hit highlights and navigation are added directly to the PDF; in this case, the PDF will open in browser’s default PDF viewer.

Simple to integrate

Highlighter integration process is straightforward and non-intrusive:

  1. Set up Highlighter on your server.
  2. Extend search results page with a bit of JavaScript and/or HTML markup to connect it to Highlighter.
  3. Search results linked to the PDF document run through Highlighter, and the document opens with the user’s keywords highlighted.