JObjects PDF Highlighter Pricing

Production Server License

Permanent License

Price: $4000 per server instance.

Includes 12 months of maintenance. Maintenance entitles you to product support and software updates.

After expiration, maintenance can be renewed at 20% of the currently valid initial license price. Maintenance renewals commence from the date the previous maintenance period expires — regardless of when the maintenance renewal was purchased.

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Enterprise License

Multi-server license with additional storage options for load balanced setup - allows PDF Highlighter to store data in a database and use shared search index. Please, contact us for details.

Development Server License

Development license keys are suitable for use in staging and test environments. Development server instance adds a watermark to highlighted documents.

Development server license is available at 10% of the production server license.

Our Services

  • Installation of PDF Highlighter on your server
  • Integration with your existing search solution
  • Customizations and other development
  • Hosting and maintenance

Feel free to contact us for details and pricing.